Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Events for 2012, None after 12/21/12

In 2011 I got my feet wet with a few races.  In 2012 I'm looking forward to participating in more races, performing better because I'll have prepared for the races, as well as participating in a few races just because they're fun atmospheres!

I'd like to throw in two or three more 10K's as well as at least one more half marathon.  There are a few that are the same weekends as major bicycle races (which are quite fewer), so I'll keep my eyes open for future races.  

I've targeted races that I think I'll be really serious about, others I'll just show up and run.  The races in blue font are races I'll take seriously, but not train for specifically.  Those in red are things I'll train for specifically and make a real shot at accomplishing one of my time goals for the year, or a PR.

  1. 1/7 Sabino Canyon 5K
  2. 1/14 Great Expectations Academy 5K
  3. 1/29 Old Tucson Trail run 4 Miler
  4. 2/18 Duathalon 2 mile run, 17 mile ride, 2 mile run 
  5. 2/25 Rangar Del Sol Relay
  6. 3/4 10K with no name, SAR
  7. 3/? Lucky Clover 5K
  8. 4/28 Tour of the Tucson Mountains (bicycle)
  9. 5/12 Nogales Bicycle Classic
  10. 6/2 Tucson Downtown Night 5K
  11. 6/9 Colossal Cave 5K
  12. 7/8 Run with the Roosters 5 Miler
  13. 7/21 Breeze Through the Trees 5K
  14. 8/4 AZ Dirt Hog 5K XC
  15. 8/12 Tombstone 10K
  16. 9/22 Catalina Park 10.35 miler
  17. 10/14 Great Pumpkin 5K
  18. 10/21 Everybody Runs Half Marathon
  19. 11/17 El Tour de Tucson
  20. 11/22 Thanksgiving 5K
  21. 12/9 Tucson Marathon
  22. 12/15 Vail Jingle Trail 5K
Now I really like to just wake up and know what I'm doing that day, without thinking.  I don't like schedules, don't like to remember what's going to happen next Thursday. 

That's one more thing to get over, one more change in my new lifestyle!  Especially since I'm doing two sports, being organized is paramount.  So, as I've shared before, I'm developing an excel spreadsheet to manage everything.  It's a bit ugly, but it works.  Not only do I make sure I get planned down time, alternate intensities appropriately, but when I'm actively training for an event, I can click on the distance in the main book and it takes me to a brief description of the workout for that day.

Here it is.

Now of course, since the last day of the existence of this planet is 12/21/2012, I've not planned anything after 12/15!  That gives me a week of eating pork rinds and mainlining Oreo ice cream cakes.  

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