This page is dedicated to my favorite participation sport, running.  On this page, when completed, you'll find resources, articles, interesting stories and helpful information.  But for now, it's under construction.

One of my original motivations for losing weight in the summer of 2010 was running.  I wanted to run and couldn't because I was too heavy.  Now I'm running consistently, but need to drop another 30 pounds or so so I can meet some of my goals.

Running is a dangerous activity.  The injury rate is practically 100%.  However, so many of the injuries are preventable.  A runner's goals will not be met in one run, or in a week's worth of running, especially for a beginner.  It's going to take a long time.  It's a tricky thing to know that sometimes skipping a run is a good idea.

Running communities are, in my experience, incredibly supportive.  I've enjoyed each and every race I've been to, met awesome people.  While there's competition, runners are very supportive of each other, generally speaking.  That's quite different than my experience on a bicycle.  Runners recognize that there's no secret or special equipment that makes one person faster than another.  It's biomechanics and effort.  A serious runner is distinguished by effort, not splits.

With that I'd like to share my favorite running website, Runners World's Loop.  I post most of my blogs there and enjoy reading the blogs of others.  There's always plenty of jeopardy and the stories are usually ones of struggle and victory.

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