Friday, July 29, 2011

Today is my NEW birthday. Now I'm undercover.

I'm going to share some stories from this week that a few months ago would've made me feel proud.  But now, they're just funny experiences.  I guess that I've really changed a lot.  I don't see myself as the person most people remember me as anymore.

From what I've read, people that keep the weight off for a year are the ones that keep it off for good (generally speaking).  Well, today is officially one year since I started.  A year ago today I vowed to exercise every workday.  I knew I'd lose weight that way.

No longer is weight loss my primary goal.  Now I want to qualify as a platinum cyclist and I would like to qualify for the Boston marathon.  Both are huge goals, but there you have it.  A lot changes in a year.

Before I share the stories with you, let me say that I finally feel like a responsible adult.  I've used an entire tube of lip balm without having it go through the washing machine or being lost!

Thank you, but please hold your applause until after the show!

Now it's official:  The plateau is BUSTED.  I've been stuck between 210 and 215 since April.  Again, I'm losing body fat and dropping clothes sizes.  But the weight has been stuck.  I finally said, "Whatever...I'm going back to work in a month (I'm a teacher).  Until then I'll workout hard but eat whatever comes my way."

Luckily for me, most of what comes my way is fruits and veggies, but I did eat out and ate a lot.  I ate cookies and cake, had some beer and pizza.  I haven't been able to run in this time period either.   

Tuesday I got on the scale for the first time in two weeks.  I expected to see 217 or so.  Nope.  205!  Two - Oh - Five!  I got on the scale the next day and was two pounds less...203.  Dang dang!  In the army I weighed 205 to 210.  Sah-weet!  Now if I could only run as fast as I did then I'd be set.

I started the whole ordeal on July 29th, 2010.  I wouldn't even allow myself to step on the scale until Labor Day (285 lbs!).  I had lost quite a bit of weight in that first month.  It comes off fast at first!  But now, I'm completely undercover in my new body.  Just for reference, here I am last September.  Keep in mind that at this point I'd probably lost 20 pounds, though I can't remember exactly when the picture was taken. 

Now, here I am about a month ago trying on an AWESOME jacket at a Goodwill.  I felt like I should've been in Dumb and Dumber in that thing...dang, I should've bought it!

Story Time:

Yesterday I was walking with one of the assistant principals.  I asked her to unlock a room for me.  We exchanged small talk about the coming year and so on.  I was softening her up before I went in for the kill.  See, I want another whiteboard in my room.  Teaching math requires a lot of space and I always run out.

Here's the conversation:

Me:  Were you able to locate a spare whiteboard?
AP:  Yes, but Mr. Brown already requested it.
(I am Mr. Brown.  There is another, but he's an ROTC leader and has 3 in his room...he doesn't use them.)
Me:  Ok...(thinking...)
A moment passes as we walk in silence.
Me:  Wait, who?
AP:  Mr. Brown...oh, um...
By this time I knew she messed up.  I gave her an out.
Me:  I bet he asked for something else and the two items have been switched.  Do I have a huge bundle of rope in my room now?

Later, I asked the other Mr. Brown and he said he had NOT requested anything from her!


I'm walking on campus and see a former student that graduated last year walking the other direction.  He's extremely pleasant, professional even.  Quite an odd thing for a teenage boy (nice though).

I saw him and said, "Hello Raul."
He walked by and said, "Good morning."  Strange, he didn't call me by name.  No biggie.

We passed each other.  A few seconds later he calls out, "Mr. Brown?!?!?!?!"
I said yes.
He said, "Whoa, now that's a change!"

Over the past three weeks I've been working in a summer math academy to help incoming freshman prepare for high school.  I've gotten to know some new faculty and staff.  They have NO idea of the former me.  I'm walking with one of these people, a very nice woman named Bea.  Bea is extremely overweight (only mentioning because it comes into play).

We walk into the school's administration building where for the first time in a month and a half I see some of the older staff members.  They're huddled in an informal semi-circle discussing whatever.  Bea and I wedge ourselves into the group.  I nod at Eleanor, who is someone I've known for years.  Bea says her bit, then I say mine.  I didn't get a full word out when Eleanor interrupts me:  "Whoa, I totally forgot what you looked like!"

Bea says, "What did you used to look like?"
I showed her a picture.
She asks what I've done.  I give the standard response, "Diet and exercise, that's it."
She, true to the script, looks at me with complete disbelief.  It happens this way every time an overweight person asks what I've done to lose weight.  It's a look that says they believe I am hiding my secret so I can sell it later for great profit!


My oldest daughter is a senior this year.  She was to stop by my classroom and pick up some documents for registration.  She brought with her two former students, one that graduated last year and the other graduated two years ago.  I know both students well.

I step outside of my door (my class is working on something) and the oldest of the former students lets out a very loud gasp as her hand jerks to her face as though she's trying to shove the gasp back in!  She was literally speechless for a few moments before finally finding the words to express her surprise in my change in appearance.

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