Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Abort! Ok, good. Glad it happened because I saw a mountain lion!!!

This morning I tried another short run.  I was able to run the last few but today leg wouldn't loosen up.  It took me 10 minutes to reach the bottom of the hill, which is 3/4 of a mile away.  I stretched, did some dynamic stretching too, walked a bit and tried again.  Still tight.  Oh well, the sunrise was FRIGGIN' CRAZY, so I watched that and walked home.

I iced it, then wrapped it for work.  After work, I went to the gym and lifted weights.  I decided to try running again.  I was getting into the flow and things were loosening up when the power went out.  Ugh.  When the circuit breaker was flipped I tried again but the leg was tight.  Oh well.  I'm no longer upset or disappointed, I'll take what I can get.  When I return, I'm gonna kick some butt!

So, I ended up running a total of about 2 miles and walking 1 today.  Not nearly enough cardio.  A bike ride was in order. 

I've been wanting to do take my favorite ride for a while, but hadn't been able to because of forest fires, closed roads and then crazy heat.  The route is just 30 miles, but a bit more intimidating than riding another 70 mile route I've frequented.  The ride offers everything; good winding roads, virtually no traffic, significant hills, fast descents, crazy scenery and of course, wildlife!  I attribute training on this route to my progress as a rider.  I went from not riding at all, being WAY out of shape, to finishing a 73 mile race in an official 3:45 with a torn hamstring!  Enough of that...

I was coming down the second fastest hill and there's a hard left turn that I have always, in the past, braked on.  Today, I decided to stick the turn and fly through it.  I'm glad I did.  I'm glad I didn't run today.  I'm glad I was FLYING around the corner.  I'm glad I was wearing my prescription glasses and not my sunglasses. 

On the shoulder, on my side, sat a large animal facing away from me.  I thought it was a dog.  When it stood I knew it was a cat and figured it was a bob cat.  Two things jumped out at me...the size and the tail.  I thought it was a GIANT bob cat.  And the tail was a weird color, so was the body.  I've seen a few bob cats, and one real close and personal!  Then I remembered that bob cats are not called bob in short for Robert...they have bobbed tails, duh!

By this time, the cat had hopped into the bushes and I was afraid was long gone.  I stopped the bike and hung a u-turn.  He was about 300 yards away a dry river bed.  We watched each other for a while.  I took some pictures with my iphone, but unfortunately, it's a version 3 and the cat looks like a rock.  :(  I tried to get him to move so I could get a better picture, but no dice. 

Aside from that cool stuff, I kicked butt on the ride.  Even with the stopping for the mountain lion, I finished 10 minutes faster than my previous best time!  The hills were no big deal.  There are two major climbs...the long one wasn't much at all, I didn't even need my highest gear.  The other that's super steep but short I powered through.  Sweet action indeed!

Anyhow, had I been upset about not being able to run I probably would've run through the pain and hurt myself.  Then, I wouldn't have been on the ride.  Then, I wouldn't have seen the mountain lion. 

All in all, that's an all time ride!

Here's a picture of the route and here's a link of the route, for your viewing pleasure.

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