Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's All About the Diet

I'm at the point where now I really want to lose weight.  I don't want to lose weight for any reason save one:  To be faster.

And at this point I know that It's All About the Diet. 

But I've been a bad boy over this holiday season.  I've been sick, and I've been weak.  However, I've been weak of mind, not body.  Over the past three weeks I've eaten fudge and cookies, drank a lot (not ever in one sitting) of beer, I've eaten too-large of servings of calorie-heavy food.  I've had late night snacks and have eaten not many fruits and vegetables.  I've been staying up late and sleeping in.  It's been a great vacation!  I really don't regret it ... but ...

I was afraid that when I got on the scale this morning it would say, "One at a time please."

My fears weren't entirely misplaced.  I had gained a pound from last week, which was a pound more than the week before.  That's four pounds less than the day after Thanksgiving, which is okay, but not what I had wanted at all!

I know, Call the Wahmbulance, right?  But you have to consider, I've spent two hours at the gym this week doing circuit training and between riding and running have covered almost 80 miles already this week. 

And that just goes to show, It's All About the Diet.

Monday I go back to work.  It's a lot easier to eat correctly (both in quantity and type) at work because I make good decisions bringing things to work.  I need a schedule!  That's really the only reason I'm looking forward to going back actually.  I love my job, but I could be a fitness bum provided the opportunity.  

That said, I've got a Duathalon coming up in about 60 days.  I'm STOKED.  Today I did my third quasi-brick.  For now I'm just laying the foundation and gaining experience running after riding.  Today I took a nice ride with my cousin that covered about 26 miles.  He's new to riding and while riding with him it was conversation speed for me.  But after I dropped him off, and before I met up with him, I had the opportunity to hammer down pretty good. 

When I got home my daughter met me at the driveway and took my bike to the house.  I threw on my shoes and ran a mile.  This was my fastest mile yet in this fashion, 7:31.  That's not a fast mile for just running a mile, but it sure felt fast after riding like I had!  Plus, that one mile has a sneaky hill in it.  The climb is 75 feet in elevation in about a quarter mile.  It's not crazy, but certainly enough to get your attention!

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