Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Lately I've discovered a surprise benefit of rest.  An example happened yesterday, and happens every Tuesday since I've made Wednesday my rest day.

Let me explain:  Saturday has been my long run day, usually around an hour, (Friday's just haven't worked) and Sunday is my long ride day, usually four to five hours.  Monday is an easy run, a session at the gym and a 14 hour work day, leaving me still dead Tuesday. 

So of course my work outs on Tuesday had been lack-luster...until I made Wednesday my permanent (for this training session) rest day.  So I can lay it out as much as possible on Tuesday knowing that the next day is off.  It frees my mind from wondering if I'm too tired and there's no questioning taking the day off.  I now just get after it, complete the workout and rest easy.

Here's how it went yesterday:

No morning run because Sunday is a half marathon and I'm resting up a bit.  I did my 100 pushups and 20 pull ups before going to work. 

I just had about an hour's time after work today (life is busy), so I did my routine, finishing my remaining 150 pushups and 30 pull ups, then ran 5 miles. 

The run is a perfect example of how rest helps me mentally.  I had to battle myself the whole run.  My legs felt heavy, then weak.  They never just loosened up like they should.  I had to fight the whole way, never finding my groove gruve.  I had time for another mile, but the legs just weren't right.  The good news is that I had an average of 8:34, without any notable pain from the injuries.  That's a bit slower than my previous long run pace, but faster than I've been running since being injured.  Hot-Dawg!

I often feel when I bloop about some realization I've had as a new runner, the veterans are rolling their eyes, thinking, "Rookie," and say, "Yup, very true."  ... kind of like when a toddler says something obvious.  But hey, I am a rookie and it is what it is.  :D 

That said, Happy Wednesday to all!

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