Monday, January 9, 2012

I'm Gonna Break 20 This Time

I have a 5k on Saturday.  I'm stoked.  It's just a 5k, I know, but I'm pumped.  I've not trained for it and I won't be resting up for it either.  But, it'll be my third and I'm going to break through the 20 minute mark this time, I know it.  Well, I really believe it anyway.

Actually, I've been a little nervous about injury lately.  I've been fairly liberal with days off of running, even when they've not been planned, if things didn't feel quite right.  In addition, I've got structure, each run has a purpose.  I feel good, very sore today, but good.

Then today at work I was talking with two friends who are both runners, more so than I.  They're both injured.  One is walking, the other just took a solid month off.  I'm standing between them feeling like...I'm next.  It's as if I'm a soldier in the Revolutionary War and my compatriots on each side have just gone down.


Down on the left.


Down on the right. 

I'm exposed.  I'm next?

If and when injury occurs, I know it's just part of the whole experience.  A strained hamstring now might help prevent an enlarged heart at 55.  I think I've learned to listen to my body and see signs of over-use before they become injuries, at least some of the signs.  But I'll continue my planned rest, ice, compress, stretch, use the foam roller and keep the structure and focus.  Throw in smart decisions while running and that's all I can do, right?  That sounds like patience to me.  I suck at patience.  It's something I have to work on daily.

Patience...on Saturday trying to break 20.  I'm going to be patient the first two miles this time and then slam through the third.  First two miles I'm going to try and be 6:40, then let it loose a bit on mile 3 and 0.1. 

But what I really want to share is just some of the experience of being a runner while not running.

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