Friday, January 13, 2012

Running Away

Tomorrow is a 5K, one I hope to break 20 minutes.

This has been the worst week of teaching ever.  I won't get into it beyond that, and I just mention it to identify a source of major stress.  Normally, work provides little or no stress, but this year, things are a bit different.  Money has also been incredibly tight, and I got a call from the community college director saying that one of my classes probably won't "make," meaning there wouldn't be enough students to run the class.  (Four days later there were enough students to keep the class, but I'd already experienced a lot of stress by that point.)

Starting yesterday I had a bit of dizziness, most of it is the disorientation you feel when you have a new pair of glasses.  But some of it has been a bit worse.  I think it's due to some sinus/ear congestion.  I hope it's not crazy blood pressure due to stress! 

I've also been experience some knee irritation and swelling.  I am hoping this is due to a not yet properly set up new bicycle.  The symptoms are consistent with that, but still, running on a puffy knee isn't a good idea.  My rule of thumb for that is that if the swelling is more than a tablespoon's size when the knee is fully bent, or if there is any pain, no running.  I've not run since Tuesday, just two miles on the dreadmill.

I'm looking forward to the 5k, the escape and challenge.  However, if I'm not feeling great, I'm not going to push for sub 20.  :(  Another day.

Running is an escape, but meeting a goal, that's even better.

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