Sunday, January 8, 2012

I Surprised Myself

For those not familiar with SmartCoach, it's software that uses your latest race time and distance in combination with your average miles run per week to create a training program tailored to you so you can run a specific race well. 

I've been trying to run consistently since last May.  However, injury after injury, then training for a bike race have prevented me from amassing much running experience.  In fact, I've only run more than 20 miles in a week twice, the highest being 23, this week!  The point being, I feel that I'm still very new to running.  I feel I'm just getting my running legs. 

 SmartCoach said that today I should run a long, slow run ... 10 miles (no problem) at 8:22 pace (what!?!?!).  I ran faster than that for my half marathon, but I was rested for that, it was down hill, and it was a race environment, everybody's pumped! 

Yesterday was a terribly stressful day and I woke this morning feeling tired.  My left knee has been a bit cranky (I think from not having my new bike dialed in properly), and my legs were a bit sore from yesterday's run.  There was only the slightest hint of swelling in the knee if it was bent completely backwards.  So, I brushed my teeth, threw on my Five Fingers, tossed a band aid (have a problem toe getting blisters) and a Cliff Shot in my pocket.

Mile 1, 8:18:  Felt okay, just easing my way into the run.  It's down hill and super easy.  Legs are sore, but nothing I could deal with.   

Mile 2, 8:17:  There's a crazy steep hill, but fortunately it's very short this direction, dropping farther on the other side than this side climbs up.  I slammed up the hill trying to maintain my pace.  This got my heart rate up quite a bit.

Mile 3, 8:28, Mile 4, 8:26, Mile 5, 8:25:   I've done this route before.  This is a very tough stretch, all up hill, with a few short climbs and one significant, long climb.  I was happy to be under 8:30 here while not killing myself.  Average heart rate still around 145 or so.  During my 5 my legs hurt, my feet hurt, my hips hurt...I was getting tired.

Mile 6, 8:18, Mile 7, 8:20, Mile 8, 8:20:  What I goes up, must come down.  These are gradually down hill miles.  I took my cliff shot shortly after beginning mile 7.  During mile 8 I really started to fatigue. 

Mile 9,  8:50:  HUGE hill.  Did I mention there was a HUGE HILL on this mile?  If not, I'm sorry.  I had a few signs of cramping before the hill, but none ever developed, thankfully.  When I got up to the top of the hill my glutes were SCREAMING at me. 

Mile 10, 8:14:  I think my Garmin screwed me here.  It said my mile wasn't done until I was a good 100 yards past where I normally stop.  But regardless, this is a tough mile, climbing about 250 feet steadily the whole way.  It takes a lot of concentration for me to maintain a steady pace on this mile, but it's where I feel I should be pushing.  And the last mile being the best one, that's what I'm talking about!

Here's the Garmin Report of the run.

Now to move some furniture and then iron some clothes! 

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