Monday, January 30, 2012

Goals for Week 1

I back into week 1 of training with a dodgey set of hamstrings.  Mostly the left, but the right is cranky at a minimum. 

That said, I ran two miles this morning and feel good about it.  I turned on the stop watch, put it in my pocket, and hit the trail.  My hamstrings guided my speed and cadence.  Then I hit the gym, did some core work and a little work on the legs, all light weight and followed by long stretches.

My goals for Week #1 follow:

  1. Remain Injury Free Don't Further Injury the Hamstring
  2. Keep a Food Journal for the Week
  3. While Remaining True to #1, Complete all Planned Training
  4. Sleep Well
Everybody enjoy your week!

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