Tuesday, January 31, 2012

If Food is Fuel, I Should Be Fast!

One of my goals for the week is to maintain a food journal.  Yesterday, after lunch, I decided to throw it all in an excel spreadsheet and create a pretty graph of the macronutrient proportions.  It was nearly perfect.  I was on course for appropriate number of calories and the breakdown of the macronutrients was right on.  To boot, a large portion of the food was whole foods. 

Then I went home after work.  I found these:
Yup...homemade soft pretzels and homemade granola bars.  Now the granola bars have some white chocolate chips in them, but otherwise are rockin' fuel containing nuts and chia seeds, and instead of oil, somehow she works magic with beans and uses them instead. 

I kind of blew it there. 

All told, for the day I consumed a whopping 3200 calories.   Now, I did go for an easy run in the morning and then hit the gym, and after eating the pretzels and granola bars, I went back to work until 8 pm.  But, that's a bit on the heavy side, eh?  I'm not too worried about it...600 of those were something that rarely happens (two weeks in a row though), and dinner was much more calorie-dense than usual. 

Now we have a fancy new body fat scale.  It also calculates your BMR using your body fat percentage.  Monday morning I was 210 at 15% body fat.  The stupid thing said I should eat 3100 calories a day to maintain my current weight.  Sheesh, that's gotta be wrong, right?

Regardless...when I told my wife about the body fat scale she said, "Well, if the fat percentage comes back higher than the weight, I'm not writing it down!"

Today I went on a nice jog, the injured hamstring felt strong, but I didn't push it.  I followed the same method as yesterday.  I turned on the timer on my phone, put it in my pocket and just paid attention to the legs.  Today I picked up the pace on the second mile and was really tempted to go for a third.  But, better to finish feeling like I could've done more than to finish regretting having done more, at least when healing. 

Last thing...this afternoon's training ride might really suck.  The hamstring hurts while riding (ugh), but is generally okay.  The problem really is going to be that it's supposed to be 20+ mph winds.  Running in the wind is bad, but riding is a whole different level of hell. 

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