Saturday, January 28, 2012

It Starts Monday, I Hope

My butt will no longer be acquaintances with comfort after this weekend.  No longer will I be sleeping in and blowing off going to the gym before work.  On the rare opportunities to watch television, I'll be sitting, sprawling on the floor, stretching this or that and that the other.  Monday will mark the beginning of a twelve week training program for a 73 mile bike race.  It will be my first attempt at receiving a "platinum" medal, which would require completion in under three hours.

I've taken an idea from On The Bus Running, printed the training plan and posted it to my refrigerator.  For the picture, I've selected a trifecta of fridge magnets.  Take a guess at what the middle one is.

I go into this training fairly happy with the body fat I've trimmed in the past three weeks, but the weight hasn't dropped.  My cardio base is solid.  My mind is fresh and recovered from riding my first century race and first half marathon (within three weeks of each other) at the end of last November and early December.  I pulled my left hamstring (right one hurts too) sometime last week, which means I'll be limping into this training.  Not as planned, but that's okay.  It'll work out just fine.

The total plan calls for 2,056 miles ridden and a high week of 245.  In preparing for the century ride in November, I rode more, but the difference now is that each ride will have a specific focus, providing for higher intensity.

I created the plan from past experience (what works and to fit within time constraints) and ideas in The Cyclist's Training Bible.  However, the plan is dual purpose as I'm also going to be building a running base for my first marathon, in the winter of 2012.  I've been running about 25 miles a week, but would like to lower the mileage per day and increase the number of days running.  So, while I'm healing the hamstring, I'm going to work towards that end.  To further complicate things, in the first third of the training cycle I'm running a trail half marathon and my first duathalon.

Regarding nutrition...well, I'm going to have structure.  I've recently read Racing Weight and it's focus on nutrition for endurance athletes is superb.  I've purchased a huge tub of Accelerade.

And the best part is that I'll really get to push my new bike, the one I sold my Gibson to finance. 

I'm excited about the challenge!

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