Thursday, December 29, 2011

Feeling Better Bee-lieve It or Not, Running Movie, Santa Dog

Last night I tried the remedy of Sam Adams and fudge.  Yeah, the fudge is just for fun.  The Sam Adams...yeah, just an excuse, maybe.  I've always found that when I'm suffering a cold, some hearty beer makes me feel better the next morning.  If it's a coincidence...dems da breaks!

At 8:30 this morning I got up and my head was less-stuffy than it has been for ten days.  I decided I'd run my regular four-mile route.  I felt okay at first, my head certainly cleared up, though I'll save the details on how for your imagination!  I really ran out of gas after about mile 3.  Man, being sick sucks, even if you give yourself "good" medicine.  (Should medicine have been in quotation marks there?)

Anyhow, I'm going to try a little something here.  I'm going to try and embed the file created by my Garmin 405. 

The day was BEAUTIFUL, 73 degrees, warm sun and a nice breeze.  I opened up the house to let some fresh air in.  Of course a few bees found their way inside.  I normally leave them bee (sorry), but one was in the kitchen and I killed it.

I took a nap and woke ready for an easy ride.  So I suited up and hit the road.  About 7 miles in I feel something sharp on my leg, like I brushed against some thorny weeds or a cactus.  I swipe at it with my hand and here's what comes off.

Yup.  Karma.

I'm not allergic, but used it as an excuse to cut my ride about 5 miles short.  I'm still a bit sick, so I needed a reason to turn around anyway.  I had actually been thinking of where a good spot might be.  How's that for timing?

On facebook today I came across a link posted by Chris McDougal about a running movie.  I thought it looked interesting and decided to pass it along.  It's called Racing the Rez, and you can watch the video about the movie and its trailer at the link.

Santa Puppy:

As I've mentioned before my family, headed by my oldest daughter, is involved with Guide Dogs for the Blind.  She has raised a puppy each of the past two years, it's quite a commitment. She's also very much into photography.  So, today, my daughters decided to put a Santa hat on the dog and take some pictures.  One turned out particularly cute and I thought I'd share.

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