Sunday, November 27, 2011

Foam Roller, Where Have You Been?

I finally bought a foam roller.  With my gift certificate, I ended up spending less than I would've on gatorades and food on a solo century ride.  I only regret not buying one MONTHS ago.

I've been having ITB issues, compiled with other weird stuff.  The other stuff went away leaving just the ITB and its classic symptoms.  My very first experience on A roller wasn't too bad.  But, I didn't have any issues at the moment.  First time on my own roller...agony.  But afterwards the muscles were warm and felt good.

The next day I used it again and it wasn't nearly as bad.

Drink or Breathe
This is the week after El Tour de Tucson.  I love the picture with a mouth full of water and a head full of a battle...focus on cramps or pushing!

Anyhow, I mention it because I was very fatigued this week.  If I remember correctly, Wednesday morning I woke up and had a pulse in the high 60's!  It's normally in the high 40's when I'm walking around the store.  You know, we read about tapering and how that feels, about post-event lows and how that feels...but to know empirically is to really know!

This week I worked in three runs summing to 22 miles and all felt good.  The one that felt the best was today's, which was also my longest, 10 miles.  I shot for a mid to low 9 mm range (because of what I'd been told by "smart coach") and was right there.  That is my longest run to date and certainly the longest I've done in toe shoes.  My feet did hurt the last three miles or so.

As I was finishing I performed some self-evaluation.  I wondered how three more miles in two weeks was going to feel.  How was I going to be able to do it?  I think I'll be alright, as long as I can keep it at a similar pace to today.  My legs felt good, muscles a little tired.  Cardiovascular-wise, I had gobs left in the tank.  My feet hurt, but that's not new.  Each new distance provides new pain there with the shoes as I'm getting used to them.

The coolest thing about today's run was that my wife went with me, kind of.  She rode her bike about 20 miles while I ran.  We left and finished at the same spot.  That was pretty cool.  Nice to have her involved.

Regarding Operation Final Cut

This is week one of Operation Final Cut.  Over the next six months I am going to build my running base so I can begin, hopefully uninterrupted, marathon a Rim to Rim expedition with my brother-in-law.  I'm also going to really focus on dropping my remaining weight.  I think I could lose another twenty pounds, but maybe 25.  

To start the whole thing off, I have a bet with my cousin.  He's been laid up for a few months with a broken leg.  So our first weigh-in was the day after Thanksgiving (after some compromise).  So, on Thanksgiving, I loaded up.  Salt, fluids, food food food.  Friday morning I weighed a surprising 211.4.  Sweet.  I think a conservative 6 pounds of that was water retention.  :D  

I hope all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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