Thursday, December 8, 2011

Are you new?

What a weird day.  I put on a pair of pants this morning and they were tight!  I've been doing lots and lots of core work and I know that can actually cause your stomach to pooch out a bit.  Yeah, that's it!

The pants got comfy quickly and I finished dressing.  I walked out of my bedroom when my wife commented on my fancy new clammin' pants.  I looked down and the pant leg was a good 2 inches above the top of my shoe!  How did the pants shrink that bad?!?!  This is the second time this has happened since September.  The pants went in the always growing Donate Pile.

On the way to school my daughter and I were talking about compliments, how we appreciate being noticed, but aren't motivated by acknowledgement and how they make us feel awkward.  Ultimately, we agreed, we'd prefer to not be noticed.  (She's being recognized at school for academic success tomorrow.)

This morning I was walking around campus and some boys asked about my exercise program, saying that I looked like a stud.

At lunch a long time friend of mine said, "Wow, I can really tell how great of shape you're in."

During the afternoon I was in the copy room.  An office aid, a senior girl, asked if I was a new teacher. It's not a huge school, 1200, but not small either.  I'm pretty charismatic and well known.  It was a weird question.

"I've been here longer than you have," I said.

"Have you always taught seniors or something?"  she asked after finding out I taught math, thinking that maybe she didn't know me because I taught upper level stuff.

I informed her that I've taught everything.  She couldn't figure out how she didn't know me.

"I used to have a huge beard."

"Oh, I know you."  She said it as though she knew who had the big beard, but that person wasn't me.

I showed her a picture.

" is you!  That was you?  You're ... how ...  whoa!"

By this time I finished my work and was leaving, walking down the hall with this girl following, nothing better to do than share her discovery by pointing and commenting to anybody that happened to be around.

She stopped to discuss her realization with someone and I made my break away only to be stymied by running into someone that needed to talk to me.  The girl caught up ...  the two talked about me and then another person walked up and joined the conversation.  The funny thing is, the other two never knew me as fat.  So they really didn't understand the girl's shock, but out of politeness tried to match her enthusiasm. That was almost like watching a sit com and almost made it worth it.

After school I went to the gym to renew my membership.  The front desk lady said, who never says boo to me, said I was looking good.  After that I saw some friends who were roller blading.  I stopped to ask when the ER trip was scheduled.  Rachael rolled over, socked me in the arm, and said, "Whoa, you've lost a lot more weight!"

What had I been talking about with my daughter this morning?  How's that for ironic timing?   The only compliment that really bothered me though was the one from my friend at lunch.  It made me feel super awkward.

In other news:
  • I'm not sure what the news on the scale will be tomorrow morning, though I suspect it'll be higher than last Friday (just a hunch).  I'm half way through the one month weight loss competition with my cousin and of course two weeks into my two month program.  Things are going well.  I feel good.
  • Sunday I have my half marathon.  I just want to finish in under 2 hours uninjured.  I'm going to have a good time and enjoy the views!
  • My oldest daughter asked to run a 5K with me, so the following Saturday we're doing one!  That's way cool. 
  • My dad really wants to run a marathon.  My younger brother has taken up running.  My dad said it would be cool for the three of us to run a marathon together.  I agree...that'd be cool.
With all that said and shared, I hope you enjoyed reading and stay safe!

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