Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday

Gluttony is a certain aspect of Thanksgiving that I enjoy.  I love mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, turkey, gravy, pies ... but most of all, stuffing.  Not the crap cooked in a pan, the stuff in the bird!  That's IT right there.

But what I really like about Thanksgiving is spending it with my family, in particular, my parents.  They nabbed Thanksgiving as all of their children were growing up and competition to spend ___ holiday at _________ house became difficult.

I'm glad they did.  I enjoy spending time with all of my family, in laws no exception.  It's just that I have a wealth of great memories around Thanksgiving with my parents.  That's what I love about Thanksgiving.  Remembering those things past and enjoying the present.

This Thanksgiving morning I find myself sad.  Yup, sad.  I had been planning, steeling myself in fact, to sell my guitar stuff and my motorcycle.  I never play anymore and I don't ride either.  When I was flirting with 300 pounds I did a lot of both, as well as a lot of other things I don't do anymore.  Too bad I threw the baby out with the bathwater there, but I did.

Yesterday I test rode, even throwing on my old pedals, a LaPierre Sensium 400.  It's their top of the line Performance Bike, like Specialized's decked out Roubaix.  The original sticker price was $3300 and it's down to $2000 and dust covered.  I've ridden my current bike well beyond its intended use.  While I could ride it more, it's a beginner's bike and I'm no longer a beginner.

The guitars on my wall look awesome.  The amp on the floor will sound awesome plugged in.  The pedals are amazing.  The cables, high quality.  Strings, best you can get.  The motorcycle is tricked out, but hooked up to the trickle charger to keep the battery fresh.

The bicycle in the corner is grime covered, beat, filthy and wearing out.

So it is the right decision to sell off one old habit to support another in this case.  While I'm truly sad to be sending off my prized possessions that took years to accumulate, I'm more excited about reaching new goals on a better bike.

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