Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tomorrow I begin training for the Tour de Tucson on 11/19, which I hope I can afford (I have yet to sign up), and the Tucson Marathon on 12/11 (I'm doing the half).  My left leg is not yet 100% healed, so I'm going to start training very cautiously while running.  Basically I'll continue slow runs, stretching and ice while sprinkling in a few tests of health here and there.  Worse case scenario, I run the half marathon with a crappy time but will be healthy.

Last year I trained for the Tour of the Tucson Mountains, my first (and to date, only) bike race.  I did way better than I would've allowed myself to dream.  But during training I made a lot of first timer mistakes regarding training volume, rest, training intensity as well as bike and equipment maintenance mistakes.  I know I'll learn from those mistakes, but also hope that training for two different events will help prevent some monotony.  We shall see.

Either way, I'm very excited to see how this goes and very excited to start adding some rigidity and goals to my exercise programs.

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