Thursday, August 11, 2011

Running, Weight Loss, Injury and Trust

As many know, I've been nursing a bum left bum and hamstring for ...  forever it seems.  It's coming along slowly, especially for an injury that never hurt until the next day!

Instead of running regularly I've been riding my bike.  I've been averaging well over 100 miles a week, as well as doing 30 minutes of cardio on whatever machine after lifting weights (which I do 3 to 4 times a week).  But, I miss running.

It's been almost two weeks since the leg has bothered me on a run, before this morning.  This morning things were different.  First, I had a TERRIBLE time waking up.  It's the first week back at school and that's always tough.  I'd be tired no matter what.  But, this is all part of the adjustment I got up and headed out the door.  I should've identified the level of fatigue as something other than sleepiness.  I needed a day off today.

The left leg wouldn't loosen, the foot wouldn't relax either (a small knotted pain right beside my arch on my right foot).  I've aggravated some plantar fasciatis with all of the jump rope I've been doing lately. I made it a quarter mile before deciding to quit.  I walked a bit, stretched, and tried running twice more.

See, it's one thing to not run when you want to and could probably push through pain, though at quite a risk.  That's hard.

It's another thing when I'm harboring a deep fear of getting fat again.  I am afraid that skipping a run, for whatever reason, will ultimately lead to slipping back into old habits.

In the past, when I've lost weight before, if for some reason I couldn't exercise, I'd get out of my rhythm and completely fall off the wagon.

It's different this time though.  Why?  Maybe because I'm just over a year into the process.  Maybe because my initial motivations were health-focused (opposed to trying to look a lot better).  Whatever the reason, it is different now.

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