Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 2 Commuting

Yesterday didn't go without problems...but it did go without problems discovered until today! So, yesterday I felt I was 100% successful and today I had something to correct.

Turns out, I left my pit stick (deodorant) at work yesterday. I realized this after returning home from the gym and posting a review of day 1. After posting the blog I took a shower. I was really in bad shape after riding for 17 miles and teaching 22 freshman math in a room without air condition or windows for four straight hours!

We were going to some friends' home for a nice dinner (homemade wonton soup and homemade pizza on wheat crust) and a few games of boggle! They're nice and people and we hope to be invited back...thus, smelling nice is a good step toward that end.

Today I ended up riding only 12 instead of 17. As I was riding home I noticed a storm rising in the direction of my home. I almost beat the storm. With a half mile to go (all uphill) it hit. Luckily it wasn't bad.

Besides the storm, my daughter was home alone. While she's a good kid and self-entertaining, I thought it would be nice to do something with her if not at least just be around for general harassing purposes.

Regarding the commute: My legs were shot today. That seems to make no sense at all. I can ride pretty well and on consecutive days, multiple days. I don't get sore from riding, typically. I think it must be that in my mind I'm riding just 6 miles and should be done in 15 minutes. I took steps to slow down today. The weather has cooperated (for the most part), but I'm sure I'll be seeing 100 to 105 with humidity the next three days. I better be fresh!

I wanted to post a picture of me riding, or at least a picture of the bike. Turns out I don't have any pictures. In looking for them though, I found this...from last July. I can't imagine that guy (me standing next to my mom on a motorcycle ride) riding a bicycle to work everyday!
And here's my bike. It's nothing to brag about, just an entry level road racing bike. I bought it used for $600 and put some wheels, a seat and new handle bars and tires on it.

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