Saturday, May 21, 2011


One of the nicer things about living where I do is the access to vast openness and all of the trails, marked and developed, or otherwise. I think I could run an entire year worth of trails within a 15 minute drive of my house and never repeat the same route.

On today's run I scared a coyote and a huge group of cows that were drinking at a stock tank, saw a lot of trash from illegal immigrants, and got all cut up from mesquite thorns. Awesome run!

Here's the GPS map of the run, though the return portion of the run is missing, for some reason. The software is a bit quirky, but free, so I'll deal with it!

At the turn around point of my run is a gas line road. If you're unfamiliar with those roads, they go perfectly straight between two distant points. This means, they do not contour to the surroundings. This road runs perpendicular to all of the hills.

When I reached the road, I knew I had to climb it. According to the GPS, it was a 100 foot climb over 1/8th of a mile. Pretty ridiculous. But I ran it and had fun. Coming down was a bit scary though!

This was the view from the top.

Here's my still chubby face! Runs like these will certainly help shave off some more body fat.

Yesterday's run was equally cool, though I had NO IDEA where the trail went. It was a Jeep trail that trimmed down to a four-wheeler trail that narrowed to a horse trail that narrowed to a game trail. It wound around the side of San Cayetano (the prominent geographical feature of Rio Rico) and then down into a canyon that opened up into Sonoita Creek. Definitely a lot of fun.

The thing I kept thinking of while running today, and the heat was bad, was the look a woman gave me last night. I told her that I had lost weight with diet and exercise. She looked incredulous. Her look said, "There's got to be more, you liar!" Nope. Diet and exercise. It's easy to say. It's not easy to do, but that's the beauty. Running is hard if you're doing it right.

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