Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bike versus Run

I love riding. The distances that can be covered, the speeds attained and the sense of accomplishment after a long hard run is incredible. Riding helped me really get into fantastic cardiovascular shape, to the point where my resting heart rate was in the low/mid 40's! I probably could not have spent that much effort on running, not weighing as much as I did.

On April 16th of this year (my birthday that I share with my grandmother), I competed in a road bike race. It was the Tour of the Tucson Mountains. As races go it was an easy one. It was flat, never had to get out of the largest chain ring (big sprocket on the front) and 73 miles. I had hoped to finish the race in 5 hours, but finished in 3:45, way before my family showed up to cheer me across the finish line! It was a huge rush competing and doing well in that race. I can't wait to do more!
This is a picture shortly after the race, when I'd recovered.

As much as I love riding, and plan to keep riding, I prefer running. There's a zone I easily fall into when running that I cannot find so quickly when riding. It's something when I'm tired and my lungs burn a little but I just find a pace and push through. I love it.

I now find myself having to find time for riding. There's gear to wear, stuff to pack, and routes to be considered (for safety reasons, cars). But with running, throw on the shoes, look for a trail and go. So, here's to running.

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