Sunday, October 3, 2010

Road Bike

I went on a really fun trail run Friday afternoon with my youngest daughter. It was about a half hour run through a narrow canyon. We saw a tarantula, snake and had a stink bug squishing contest as we ran. It was a lot of fun. My knees though, not so happy with the result.

That run motivated me to buy a road bike. So I picked up a Fuji 24 speed bicycle. I've never ridden a bike for exercise before I purchased the bike. But I'm excited about the prospect of being able to do some work with lower incident of injury while I lose weight. I am going to cut the running to a maximum of 2 days a week for now...may not run at all this week. I need to get my knees some time to heal!

I also need to continue to improve my diet. For the past two weeks my lunches have been carefully designed with calories and nutrition in mind. My breakfasts have been done in a similar fashion. It's dinner that gets me in a bit of trouble, but not too bad. The real killer is liquid carbs...AKA beer. I love beer. However, I'm NOT going to have a beer for the rest of this month! I need to drop some pounds and that's the most obvious thing to cut. Wish me luck!

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