Friday, September 24, 2010


My biggest challenge early will be maintaining a running schedule without serious injury. I'm overweight and have a surgically repaired back, so I'm a missed step away from being laid up for a few months!

This morning I couldn't run because my back wasn't feeling right. Depending on how it feels this afternoon, I'll run after work.

In the mean time I have purchased some boxing equipment and tried it out yesterday. Wow, what a workout. That'll help bring some pounds off in a low-impact fashion.

The other issue I have is nutrition. I really don't eat bad food, just too much of it. Also, I eat like a body builder...not enough carbs and too much protein. Not atkins diet style, but still. So I'm going to focus in on a more suitable diet, including proper portions. I've been reading that eating good carbs before and after runs helps with recovery and energy and found that to be true. I've never trained for running before and as expected, the energy demands are quiet different than from weight lifting! DUH!

Anyhow, I'm doing well, enjoying running and look forward to getting a good workout when I run. Also, I'm getting faster and faster each run, stretching the run out more at the ends (I mean longer, faster strides) and my recovery time is shortening. All in all, I'm feeling positive and am enjoying running.

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