Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer Rebuild Program Week 1

During the month of June I will begin basebuilding for running while taking some time away from intense cycling.  I also want to drop some weight, by the end of August I'd like to be in the 180's.  The last goal is to build some strength in my legs by hitting the gym, probably more in July than June. 

In January I plan on running my first marathon and need to be ready.  I want it to be a great experience.

I am also teaching summer school, which starts at 8 am and finishes as 3 pm.  I plan on commuting on the bike, at least for as long as it's tolerable.  The afternoon temperatures in the mid 100's with some stiff winds, last week had 35 mph winds on Tuesday, may take some of my vinegar.

Here's how I plan a basic day.

5 AM: Wake Up Call
5:30:  Pushups, pullups, squats and lunges, then a run.
6:30:  Breakfast and shower
7:15:  Ride to work
3:30 PM:  Ride home

Monday was a holiday and Tuesday was a work day, no students.  Tuesday I needed to take materials and such, so I drove my truck, but did get in a short run and a 25 mile ride after work.

Wednesday morning I went on a run, nice and slow, just trying to get used to running consistently again.  When I went to get on the bike only to find a flat rear tire.  The first tube I used got pinched between the rim and tire bead and popped.  The second tube had a short valve stem, making it double tricky to inflate.  But, we got it done.  End result is that I had to fly to work, getting there later than I hoped and a lot sweatier. 

Since the ride to work is down hill, it can be nearly effortless, save a few small inclines.

Thursday I had a recovery run, nice and slow.  The ride to and from school was without issue.  Friday I had a faster run, pushing a bit and an easy ride to and from school, but the bike started acting up, shifting strangely.

Upon examination it was discovered that the chain had a link that was frozen.  Since the chain had about 2000 miles on it, it needed to be changed anyway.  Luckily I was able to pick up a Dura Ace chain in Sierra Vista on Saturday.

Saturday was an off day and I blew my much for losing weight.  Sunday I took the dog for her longest run, 8 miles in about 1:14. 

Then, I put the chain on the bike, cleaned and tuned it up, and hit the road for a test ride...when I discovered just how steep a hill not one mile from my home is...14% grade!  Whoa, that's some serious climbing right in my back yard.  I may throw that into some of the rides on the way home.  The ride was just 16 miles, which I wanted to get in to total 100 evenly for the week.

So week 1 I did a good job running, amassing 24 miles.  The riding to work went well.  The diet, during the week was superb, but Saturday I blew it on pizza and beer. 

This week I need to increase my strength training, especially with some core work and gradually increase some of the running.  For now, the runs are basically unstructured, just heading out for a minimum of three miles a day.

With that said, not much else to share.  I had a 5K in the middle of June, but I'm not sure how hard I'll run.  I've had a cranky right hamstring for God-Only-Knows-Why. 

Thank you for reading, sorry for the lack of adventure or jeopardy in the post, but it's been a while and I wanted to check in.

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  1. No, your posts are definitely motivating, even the basic training ones.