Thursday, April 12, 2012

It Wasn't My Fault!

Driving home last night just after 8 pm when the only thing on my mind was food.  I had eaten dinner, but at 4 o'clock.  It had been small.  It's not an unusual situation on Mondays and Wednesdays for me.  I'd just get home, shower, talk with my wife, go to bed.

When I got home, before I got to the door, I could smell 'em.

Secret recipe chocolate chip cookies!  And by secret I mean that these aren't of the grocery store variety, or even grandma's type.  These are a bit ... better.  The texture, the flavors, you'd just have to experience it to know.

My wife made a batch of cookies to appease her grouchy boss.  Business is way down and he'll have nothing to do.  So she made cookies.  Now he'll have something to do with his mouth other than complain. How sweet?

But me...I had a cookie down the hatch before you could say "blubber butt."  I had another and another.  They were just the right temperature, having cooled enough to not burn my mouth.


But I've been running "cookie miles" this week anyway.  My calf is injured and so I'm just going however I feel I can, usually very slowly.

Monday was 5.45 in 55:03.  I took the dog, she bonked.  Dropped her off after 3 miles and went back for another two.

Tuesday was 3.07 in 33:07.

Wednesday was 3.29 in 29:48.

This morning was 4.13 in 36.57, but the last mile was almost normal in 8:17 (and climbs about 200 feet).


In related news, I had planned on participating in a duathlon Saturday.  But with the calf being not very good and my daughter has a track meet, I'm going to cheer instead of participate.  I'm very happy with how she's doing, she's having a blast running.  Before, it seemed like a chore, but yesterday, she even ran on her own (outside of practice)!

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