Monday, April 9, 2012

Dog Run, Duathlon, Tapering and New Shoes

Did I end my last, long training ride on high note?  Yes, yes I did.

76 miles in 3:45:xx, average speed of 20.7 mph! SOLO! 

I've been riding into the wind and up hills so much over the past weeks that I forgot what it was like to have conditions in my favor.  Supposedly, those types of rides (and runs) are speed work in I should be faster!  But the grain(s) of salt:  First, the route dropped down in elevation almost 1000 feet and second, the air was still if not having a slight breeze at my back. 

My approach also helped me be strong through the whole ride.  I decided to have a low intensity for the first 35 miles, then for the next 25 a moderate intensity and then slam it down for the end of the ride.  On race day, I'm going to have a similar approach and finish strong instead of fizzling out early.

My original goal was to average 25 mph, which might be within reach.  I will need to get into a fast group at the beginning of the race and just stick with them over the first half of the race, which is slightly uphill.  We'll see. 

(Racing on a bike is far different than running ... in a group, your wind resistance is basically nothing, making you much faster.  Last year I was about 5 mph faster average moving speed in the race than riding solo.)


Saturday I have my second duathlon ... and I can't run well, just like for the first duathlon.  Hopefully my calf will be mostly okay for running by Saturday.  If it is, I hope to run the first two miles in 13:30, then the 10 miles on the bike in under 30 minutes, and the last two mile run in under 13:00. 

Today I took the dog out for an easy 5 mile run.  My calf isn't right and I just wanted to plod along with whatever felt right, which probably meant slower than 9 mm.  She couldn't keep up.  I ended up swinging back home, the third mile in over 11 minutes, dropping her off, and heading back out for the next two.  I'll have to get her in shape!

I knew she was done after about a mile and just had to coax her and encourage, praise her for working hard.  She'd speed up, keep up with me for a while, then drop back.  I slowed to meet her speed as I didn't want her to overheat.  Poor thing.  

What has she done since?  Slept.  She's fried!  Poor thing.  


I've worn out my fivefingers.  I bought some Komodo sports on Saturday.  They look super fast, which means that I'll be faster wearing them, right?

Oh, and Injinji socks are OSOM!


  1. I still haven't gotten use to looking at the minimalist shoes. Every time I see them, it makes me want to laugh. :)

  2. They do look funny...but I love 'em.