Monday, March 12, 2012

Too Many Pushups and Pullups and Pikermi Reflections

  • As I suffered, and believe me, it was suffering, through the trail half marathon yesterday, I saw these tiny little women and tiny little men hoping around during mile 8 like I had been on mile 3.  By this time though, I winced at every step down and every step up.  Yeah, a sore hip was part of it, but beyond that, I was toast.

    I thought about my recurring problem:  I need to drop weight.  Body composition is one thing, but to do this stuff, being lighter would be such a huge improvement.  Yeah, I need to improve my diet, I cheat too much, especially last week.

    But, even when doing great on my diet, it hasn't seemed to help.  I'm feeling destined to be over 200 pounds, forever.  I'll dip to 202 or so for a while, then back up to 205 to 207.  It's been that way since last summer.

    I stopped lifting weights (6 months ago or so), figuring that perhaps dropping some muscle mass would help.  Nope.

    And while watching these little people, nibble as deer, I thought about some of the comments regarding the pushups and pullups I do...maybe I should cut back?  What good are they doing me out here?

    I'd consider it, possibly do something different along those lines.

    Then, last night as I readied for bed, I noticed that my core was SPENT, as were my shoulders and back (from the race).  How bad would I have been during that race if I hadn't been doing 250 pushups and 50 pull ups a day?  Yeah, I do some various abdominal exercises too, but if you do that many pullups and pushups, you'll see what strain they put on your core.  I guess they do some good, helping me with balance and I never realized it.
  • This was my second half marathon, though the races have nothing in common beyond the name.  This run yesterday was my longest run time, by an hour.  And while I was spent, I think I'm getting in a lot  better running shape as I could walk today, and even took in an easy three mile run after work.  And that's what a lot of people won't understand.  My first half marathon was an easy 1:42, this was an impossibly difficult 3:00.  How was the second one a better performance and indication of improvement?
  • Remember last week when I thought, I want to get lost in a race?  I certainly had that opportunity yesterday.  How was my stress level today?  PERFECT.  I mildly noted things that in the past would cause me irritation.  I listened to complaints about things, no problem.  Kids did crazy behaviors and I calmly handled those things. 

    That (among other things) makes me want to run farther, faster, more often.  I want to do them (races) all now.  But, my first race was just last October, and I'm not ready...yet.  But I will be.
  • I saw a great shirt, maybe you've seen the slogan:  "Run Hard, Live Easy."
That said, have a great day and thanks for reading.


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