Thursday, February 9, 2012

Weird Early Morning Happenings

Wednesdays and Mondays go like this:  4:15 am, run an easy 2 then hit the gym.  Home, eat, shower, work.  At 3 pm home, change, eat, back to work at 4 pm.  Home at 8 pm, shower, bed by 9 pm.  Repeat.

This morning at 4:15 I actually turned off my alarm.  I felt my knee...a touch of swelling.  I should sleep, I agreed with myself.  Besides, I've had a touch of a sore throat and there's been a bug going around.  I've run three days in a row and not had a day off from exercise since...I really can't remember.

Fast forward three minutes.  I get out of bed, stumble to the bathroom and get ready to run.  I hit the road SLOW and groggy.  I'm trying to learn the exact mile markers on my morning route so when checking my garmin I'm confused.  I usually leave it on the screen telling me the total time, but it was pace.  I couldn't figure it out for three miles! 

No sign of aggravation from the hamstring this morning, though it's still a bit tight.  I ended up sneaking in a slow five miles, but each mile was faster than the first.  That's easy when you start off at 10:34 pace!  But my back was tight and my new zen approach should help me stay on the track to healing.

On the last mile I thought I'd kick it, though my hip muscles were sore as other various places.  I thought it'd make a good bloop.  I realized that's a stupid reason to run harder...then I thought that perhaps I should run harder on the last mile, which climbs about 150 to 200 feet (I can't remember now), because I ran so slow the first four.  Dumb idea again.  Then I remembered my vow to make my last mile my best.  So I did. 

The splits were 10:34, 10:03, 9:34, 9:23, 9:03.  Certainly a slow run, and one I wasn't sure if I should do or not at all, but right now (or for now), I'm glad I did. 

Happy Running.

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