Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Operation Final Cut

Since July 2010 I'm down from nearly 300 pounds to just over 200 pounds.  But, there's more work to be done.  I've learned a few things about weight loss along the way, the most recent is that one cannot seriously train for an endurance event and lose significant weight simultaneously.

My motivation to lose more weight has nothing to do with vanity, just as my original motivations had nothing to do with looking better.  I wanted to feel better originally.  Now I want to run and ride better.

So, starting Thursday, 11/24 (yes, Thanksgiving morning), I'm going to have a weekly weigh in ending in 1/26.  I'll be spending those two months focusing on building strength in my legs and core.  I'll maintain a weekly long ride and will work on progressively building a running base.  But, I will be hitting the gym three to four times a week.  Each trip to the gym will include a lot of core work and body resistance exercises and an intense 45 minute cardio workout.  My diet will have a substantial reduction in carbohydrates and I'll avoid sweets and beer.  (UGH!)

If I don't get into the low 190's I'll be terribly disappointed.  At best, I hope to be in the mid 180's.  I don't think I could weigh less than 180 pounds and be healthy.  Either way, I'll make a weekly post chronically what (generally) I ate (though I'll keep a detailed log), as well as exercise log, challenges I faced and, of course, results.  

My most immediate goal is to finish a particular 73 mile bike race in late April 2012 in under 3:00.  After that I want to complete my first marathon in the fall or early winter of 2012 in under 4:00.

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  1. Nathan looks like he's starting to do some running. Maybe we should think about entering a race as a trio? I'll be happy to bring up the rear, clean up any stragglers.