Thursday, July 21, 2011

Now I know how a windshield feels.

Tomorrow I have a 3 1/2 mile run scheduled...I will remember to keep it light and easy, though the route has a huge climb about half a mile long.  That climb will really test my recovery progress! 

Mantra:  My goal is to finish injury free.

That is going to have to be my mantra for a while.  I will need to continue strengthening and stretching.  I had a major back injury 13 years ago.  The doctor told me I had a 70% chance of retaining partial paralysis in my right leg.  I have no paralysis now, but suffered some nerve damage that I think contributes to these recurring hamstring problems.  All the more reason to be more proactive.

Today I didn't run, but went for a ride.  It's my shortest regular ride, the actual distance is about 10 3/4 miles.  I try to knock it out in under 30 minutes. There is one very steep but short hill, and as is the case with all rides that end at home, a gradually increasing climb at the finish of the ride.  There is another stretch of about 3 miles that is an uphill grind.  It's not the kind of hill you'd pick for hill repeats, but the kind that requires focus and concentration the entire time.  Today was MUGGY, everything was wet from a storm and the air was perfectly still.  I was almost 4 minutes slower than last time and I felt like I was cooking.

Funny thing is, when I got home, I had a lot of dead bugs all over me.  Yuck.  Now I know how a windshield feels.

Here's a map of the route with the elevation graph at the bottom.  Nothing special or major, but it's neat to see where people train.  Here's a link where you can check out a flyover "thing" using Google Earth.

Now, for what you've been waiting for...the MSPaint picture of the day.  Today's picture is devoted to naps, sleeping and those of us injured that wish to run.  

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