Sunday, July 17, 2011

First Race ... finished with distinction! Now I'm icing my crotch.

Saturday morning I participated in a 5k race, my first one. I finished last. :D

My dad joined me in the race and he too was ailing. We agreed to walk. I didn't trust myself to jog lightly and carefully monitor any pain. So, play it safe and live to run another day. There were a lot of walkers, but they were obviously walking for exercise and finished well ahead of us.

The route was through a pecan grove at sunrise. It was beautiful. My dad and I walked and talked and just enjoyed the scenery and company. It was a special occasion.

Turned out both of our injuries grumbled from just walking, so it's a great thing we didn't run. Also, I ended up with a blister! I was wearing shorter socks than I normally would with those shoes and the blister formed on the Achilles.

That afternoon my family and my parents went to my inlaws' house for lunch and fun in the pool. Jumping out of the pool I pulled a small muscle where my thigh meets my stomach...right in the front, a tricky place to ice for sure. sucks getting old. :D

My family spent the night at my inlaws' home. My father in law has been riding a bike lately so my wife and I brought our bikes along. This morning we went for a little ride and had a great time. My father in law is ready to step up from his Target bike into something a little more serious. That's awesome, someone else to ride with!

Anyhow, here's to being active with your family and spending quality time together. :D

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