Monday, June 20, 2011

Sometimes you run well but the clock lies!

Early yesterday evening my daughter and I went to the track. I was going to run two miles and she was going to run one. We have put quite a few miles under our feet since our last trip to the track and were hoping for some marked improvements! I was 4 seconds slower and she was 20 seconds slower. DOH!

I was a little disappointed because I ran pretty well, used my watch for the first time to track my progress. My daughter was very disappointed and down. The thing is, she usually starts out too fast and finishes slow. Last night her last lap was her second fastest and she was totally spent when she finished. Even though she didn't have the time to show improvement, she had a great run.

Our problem was the elements. The last time we ran it was early morning, about 70 degrees, sunny, clear and calm. Last night was 95 degrees with gusty winds and horrible air quality. I guess there were sand storms to the west of us because it was almost like like fog.

So, sometimes you can have a great run and the total time doesn't tell the story.

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