Thursday, June 2, 2011


I have been, and am still, making a lot of life style changes. I am happy with my family life and my personal life, just not my health. Outside of health, one of the changes I am making is to read more, write daily, and watch less TV. That's why I'm keeping the blog regularly, even if nobody reads it!

Today is one of those days where it's difficult to think of something to write. I went on a run, 19th mile this week, and ran hard. But it's nothing to write home about, if you catch my drift.

For some reason I started thinking about the question I'm asked over and again, "What's your secret?" More striking than the question is the response I get when I say, "Diet and Exercise." I think I'm going to change my answer to "SACRIFICE."

Anybody that loses weight, stop smoking or drinking, changes careers, goes back to college as an adult, you name it, they all make great sacrifices to be successful.

Here's a list of things I've sacrificed in order to make the changes I've undergone. Keep in mind, not all of these have been completely sacrificed, but are indulgences instead of staples of my daily life.

  1. Beer
  2. Chips
  3. Sleeping In
  4. Blister-Free feet
  5. Watching television
  6. Staying up late
  7. Spaghetti
  8. Cheese
  9. Hamburgers
  10. Corn Dogs
  11. Snickers
  12. Milk
  13. Second helpings of dinner
  14. Red meat
  15. Nachos
  16. Snacks after 7 pm
  17. Whiskey
  18. Soda
  19. Naps after work
  20. Sometimes, especially when training for a bike race, time with my family!
What are some of the sacrifices you make to meet your goals?

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