Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Shoes, New Trail, New Pain, New (first) Races

I bought some new running shoes yesterday, New Balance MT101's.

Here's a good review of them if you want to get the details. Basically, it's a lightweight trail racing flat.

Where I live and run there are three major issues for shoes.
  1. Traction
  2. Protection from sharp stuff
  3. Keeping debris out
Traction was surprisingly good. The widely spaced lugs really grabbed rock, loose soil and all on inclines and declines.

The protection from sharp stuff is yet to be determined. But they have a rock plate which is a good start! While having basically no padding, they felt very comfortable even on unsealed asphalt. My other trail shoes have more padding and are less comfortable.

The third thing, keeping out sand, pebbles and other debris. I went on a short 2 mile trail run that saw just about everything there is to see...deep course sand, soft sand, rocks, hard packed dirt, weeds, hills and dry washes. Now the trail was very short but my feet were clean save one small pebble which worked its way out of my shoe on its own. That seems to be an improvement over my other shoes. We'll see on longer runs when I'm running more aggressively.

New Trail

When walking the other evening with my wife I found a new trail. Well, new to me. It's a four wheeler trail cut through the desert. It winds around trees along a dry river bed, up and over a small but steep hill and then loops back on itself. The trail starts about 1/4 of a mile from my door step. Out and back from my house and just a hair over two miles! I could easily add a little road to the path and make a nice 3 mile recovery run route.

New Pain

Yesterday I had a sore knee (left) that caused me to stop mid run. I walked it off and finished the run, about another 2 1/2 miles or so. As the day wore on, my entire left leg was sore, especially the hamstring and hip. I iced everything and used compression wraps and decided to take it even easier than normal on today's recovery run. I warmed up and stretched before running and stretched with greater focus after. Right now I'm sitting on ice, have the knee iced and soon will take a cool bath and then wrap up with neoprene compression wraps. I think I need a wet suit!

New Races

I've signed up for some races. In the past I've competed in a road bike race (April 2011) and a Warrior Dash (April 2011). The road bike race I took very seriously, but the Warrior Dash was just for fun. So, these races I've signed up for are new for me. I'm excited about it. The races alternate between 5K and 10K races, and end with the Tucson Marathon

  1. July 16th, Breeze Through the Trees 5K
  2. September 17th, El Tour de Tucson 10K
  3. October 9th, TMC Get Moving 5K
  4. November 11th, Veterans Day Trail 10K
  5. December 11th, Tucson Half Marathon miles
Well, I had a lot to share today. Happy running!

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