Thursday, June 9, 2011

Much Better

I was on the road at 6 am this morning. Much better than yesterday. In fact, it was a little cold!

Today was going to be my longest run yet, 7 3/4 miles. My previous longest was 6 1/2. In addition, the route is very hilly, with three 300 foot uninterrupted climbs and countless shorter climbs. My plan was to start slow and make each mile faster than the previous. If you start slow enough, it's certainly possible! The only mile I was worried about was the second to last as it had the second most difficult climb and was of course at the end.

Anyhow, I did well, each mile was faster than the previous, though they were all slow. Even so, at the end I was pretty tired. The last stretch was of course not a full mile, but it was by far my fastest pace, so I was very happy about how I finished.

But, wow, am I tired. Those nagging injuries become a lot more than nagging after an hour of running! It hurts to move right now.

On a side note, I was under 210 this morning on the scale, after my run, 208 to be specific. I wouldn't call myself as being out of my 21X plateau just yet, but there are some encouraging signs that I'm gonna break through. I've been stuck at 210 and 216 pounds for almost two months. So, this feels good!

Also, I weigh myself on the Wii fit because it keeps record of weight changes nicely. This was the first time I wasn't in the obese category, I was just overweight.

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