Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Get It Now!

Ok, I'm a slow learner. I get it now, though.

Recovery Run: (noun) slow paced run, short duration and distance typically used to flush out lactic acid.

Got it.

I usually run too fast or too far or both. After warming up the soreness goes away and I say to myself, why not? Overuse injuries is why not! Got it!

Today I did it right. No need to kill myself every time out! Better to kill myself with preplanned intent. Got it.

Also, running with a 12 year old makes one appreciate that a trail really is a natural museum, without a curator. We stopped to explore a huge granite outcropping in the middle of a dry river bed, then found some beehives (bee keeper boxes), and strange rocks, trees, animals and bugs. Today, she was really running for the pleasure of being outdoors and it was nice to stop and "smell the roses." We came home with 4 or 5 strange rocks and an unusually symmetrical Devil's Claw.

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