Wednesday, September 8, 2010

6 miles and the Monster

I'm proud of myself so far this week. I've run a total of 6 miles and the longest was today, when I was feeling really beat up! Today I ran what I call, "The Monster." It's a loop around my neighborhood that's about 2 3/4 long or so. The thing is, it's super hilly. The highest point is several hundred feet higher than the lowest point. The direction I ran today has a 1 mile portion that goes from the lowest to the highest point, progressively getting steeper.

Anyhow, legs are sore, knees a bit swollen, feet and back hurt and I'm beat. And...I have to go to work. Today is both jobs, the high school and then the community college in the evening.

So, here's t0 6 miles so far this week. The most I've run in a decade by far!

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