Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Feels Good to Run Again

I was "running late" this morning.  The alarm went off at 4:15 am, but I didn't get up ...nor did I hit snooze!  At 4:55, I finally woke and thought about ditching the run entirely.

I'm glad I ran.  I cut it short by a mile, running about 3 instead of 4.  It was my first run in three weeks, and the first morning run ever with my dog.  I felt great afterwards and had a good day, probably better than if I didn't run.

Taking the dog provided some adventure.  Some dude was walking three dogs, all without a leash.  I ran past him, going up the hill.  At the top of the hill I turn around.  Passing him the first time wasn't too much of an issue, but on the way back, two of his dogs charged us.  I charged back and yelled.  The dogs do what dogs always do, turned around and hauled butt!  So, nothing happened, but still...

My street is a cul de sac that shoots off a through street which is a mile and a half long.  So I run up to one end, turn around, run to the other, and then home for a nice 3 mile run.  It's a bit hilly for a perfectly easy jog, climbing something around 250 feet or so, but there's no traffic really and it's quiet.  At each turn around I swing around the stop sign and smack it.  It's how I roll...I'm feeding the beast, that's the dinner bell.

The dog ... she didn't like that, AT ALL.  Poor thing, I scared her out of her wits the first time I did it!

Otherwise, she did great on the run and I'll take her again this afternoon.

Along with the run I did my normal morning routine which accumulates 40 lunges, 20 one-legged squats, 150 pushups and 30 pull ups.  I didn't do any core work as I want to do the ab of the day stuff this afternoon, along with my remaining 20 pullups and 100 pushups.

My run was easy, finishing the 3.14 miles in just a tad over 28 minutes.  My ankle was stiff (old injury) and my thighs were a bit dead from Saturday's race, but regardless, I'll be somewhere around this pace on a lot of my runs in May.

This afternoon I did my www.randomabs.com workout, finished up my pushups, pullups, lunges and one-legged squats, then went out for an afternoon run.  I took the dog again as she was obviously NOT taxed...she got out of the yard, twice!

It was a bit warm for the pooch, 83 degrees, so we slowed our pace to match.  That's fine with me.  I did finish the last quarter mile at sub 7 mm pace, nice and smooth.  That felt good.  The afternoon run was a bit over 4 miles in about 38 minutes.

I hadn't run while tapering for the bike race.  Today it felt so good to be back.  Let's see what tomorrow brings!

And May is Feed the Beast Month, so consider meal one as served!

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