Tuesday, April 3, 2012


What can I say?  I'm busy?  I missed out on just over 200 miles of riding due to weather, illness and ... personal commitments.  That is, family stuff.  I'll gladly take the last of the three reasons.

Anyhow, regarding total miles, I had a sub-par month, but still managed to find my mojo on an 80 mile hell ride (windy) that really charged me up!  Unfortunately, I ended up with a calf cramp (on the last day of the month) that's put me on the shelf for at least a week.  But I also set a PR in a 5K (20:09 ... same one where I came up lame with a bad calf) and did 1,037 pushups in an hour.

April will bring a 5K on my dad's birthday, with all siblings participating, a duathalon and The Tour of the Tucson Mountains, for which I've trained the last three months (though not as I hoped).

Since I hit some motivation issues in March (many of my workouts were flat, unmotivated), I did a lot of soul searching and reconnected with my real reason to workout...to be healthy and have a good time.  This is supposed to be fun!  And you know what?  It is, again!

March had a total of 464 miles between riding and running.  It should've been around 700.  I ran 92 miles, which I just found out is an all time high for me!  Not bad since the majority of that was just plodding along at a Don't-Get-Injured pace.

With that said, in review, March was a GREAT month for me as a developing athlete.  I didn't nail all of my workouts but I went through trying times and came out energies and refocused. 

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