Saturday, March 17, 2012

Speed, Sweat and Snow: Spring Break Plans and Advice Needed

That's right boys and girls, it's spring break. 

And what might spring bring to southern Arizona?  Snow of course!  I may have a chance at a BAW!  The weather calls for snow down to 2500 feet Monday, I'm sitting at just a touch under 4000 feet above sea level.  Who knew!

Due to the storm, I'm cancelling postponing my first plan for spring break which was a century ride, my first since November.  Instead, I may drive to Tucson in the morning and join in a 5K.  I'm a bit sore so I doubt I'll break 20 minutes on the 5K.  I'll have a good time regardless of the outcome.

Here's what I have in mind for spring break.

  • Today:  First run with the Athletics Club-great time!
  • Sunday:  Weather will be bad, no century ride.  Maybe run a 5K race instead.
  • Monday:  My wife is having an upper GI-Scope, so I'll be caring for her.  My oldest daughter is going to Phoenix for the day and I'll have to drive her around too.  Monday night I have to teach two college classes.  I doubt I'll get any exercise in.
  • Tuesday:  Century Ride Re-Do.  Goal will be to complete the ride in a real time of 6 hours (including breaks).  Pick up my youngest daughter as she returns from Disney Land.
  • Wednesday:  Attempt to complete 1,000 pushups in an hour.  Like Monday, I'll have to teach Wednesday night.  I will also run an easy 5 miles and/or ride an easy 25 to 30 miles.
  • Thursday:  Madera Canyon Ride.  It's about 3500 feet in climbing over just 12 miles (from memory, could be off a bit).  The total ride will be about 60 miles. 
  • Friday:  Run 8 to 10 miles, depending on legs.
  • Saturday:  Sleep!  Recovery ride or easy run.
  • Sunday:  Sonoita Ride.  It's a very tough ride, 80 miles of hills.  Always humbling.
Somewhere in the middle I'll also need to get some paperwork done and other things along those lines. 

Speed:  I run too slow, or slower than I could.  When I ran the Tucson half marathon, I talked the whole way, had a great time.  Yeah, I needed a nap that afternoon, and my feet were sore (never ran anything close to that distance before), but Montana Tim correctly stated, "You know you could've gone faster."

Today I ran with someone, just 4 miles, at about a 7:30 pace.  We talked and had a great time.  I never once thought about how I felt, save for some hamstring tightness for about 10 seconds.  I had a great run.  Afterwards I went and moved boxes and then came home and cooked lunch and did the dishes.  Point being, I'm not taxed even though I was really worn out before the run.

When I run alone, on a similar run, I usually run around 8:30 to 9:00 mm.  I know I could go a lot faster, but am cautious and a little afraid of getting hurt.

So I'm thinking about increasing my pace.  (Right now I don't really do any running workouts as I'm training for a bike ride.)  I'll think about the idea, but for now, keep doing what I'm doing.  Maybe as I start my pre-marathon base building in May?  Hmm...what thoughts would you share? 

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