Thursday, March 1, 2012

LONG term plans?

I have a friend that's 69 years old.  I've known him for quite a while and we get along well.  He's active, rides his bike, coaches the HS basketball team and hits the gym a few times a week.

He's always been very supportive of me as I've lost weight.  Diet and exercise has been a frequent topic of conversation.  But yesterday, it was a bit different.

He asked my age and then said he started running marathons about the same time.

"You should keep doing it.  I got hurt, but not that hurt, and quit, wish I never did."

The longevity of my new lifestyle is a major concern of mine.  I don't want to fall back into my old weighs (see how I did that ... huh, eh, that was good, right).  In fact, it's something that is a major fear of mine.  I don't mind gaining a few pounds later in life as I age, but I don't want to stop being active.

But as of now, I'm still very new.  I started exercising in July of 2010, started training for a bike race in January of 2011, and had my first running race in October of 2011. Because of those facts, I don't want to look too far ahead and lose sight of what I'm doing now and why.  (One of my foundations is to my actions be true to my motivations.)  I'm doing these things now because to not do them is wasteful.  It's neglecting the gift of good health, something I'll not always have.  I want to use it now, while I have it.

So, I wonder what kind of old man would I like to be?  What level of activity will I want to maintain?  What will keep me going?

My questions for you are:
  1. What keeps you going?
  2. How do you see yourself in relation to exercise and even racing as you age?

That said, a quick report on my February.  I only ran 66 miles, which is three less than the month before when I was "off."  The hamstring injury accounts for that.  However, I rode 507 miles in February!  That makes a total of 573, my third highest month ever.  Not too bad for missing an entire week due to injury and four unplanned days due to work/meetings/life-in-general.  

Let's see what March brings.  I know it has a trail half marathon in the mountains that will surely kick my butt.  I also know I will have some serious riding this month.  Should be awesome!

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