Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Easier Than Expected

Wednesday morning I woke thinking about my goal for the day, 1000 pushups.  What a stupid idea.  But, I knew I could do 600 in an hour, and that was months ago.  I've not done a single pushup since Saturday, so I'm rested and ready.  Let's give it a shot.

At 9:01 I dropped down to do the first set of 17.  No problem.

I spent the next minute situating the digital watch on the floor so it would stay facing upwards, so I could keep an eye on it as I wandered around.

9:02, hit the floor for 17 more.

9:03,, let's put on some music.

9:04, on the ground, 17 I is blaring STATIC.  Ugh

9:05 it's fixed and I'm gonna have this licked.

It became clear that if I did the pushups correctly it took between 10 and 11 seconds.  Less time and I was cheating on the pushups.  I'd keep that in mind.  Again, I've done this before, but with sets of 10.  The first half is pretty easy, if not boring.  The last quarter gets tough.

I used the 49 seconds of inactivity as follows:
  • Sort loose bandaids I dumped or dropped in early mornings before running
  • Separate race-day goodie bags into keeper/trash piles
  • Looked through a cool magazine I found in a race bag
  • Clean out backpack
  • Look under the bed
  • Stretch legs
  • Calculate how many pushups have been done, how many remain
  • Calculate possible strategies to finish the 1000 before an hour's time
In the end, I stuck out my plan until the last minute where I completed three sets of 17, bringing the total to 61 sets of 17 summing to 1037 total pushups.

The last time I did this was with sets of 10, and it was a lot harder then.  I think I could've done sets of 25.  Will I try that in the future,1500, in an hour?  Eh, no immediate plans.

I had hoped to either get in a good ride or a good run today, but my daughter was sick.

Sick daughter, asking for a plastic bag because, "By the time I make it to the bathroom I don't have to puke anymore."

Okay, anything else?

Nope, just time.  She throws up, and then feels better.  Very glad about that.  She's STOKED about seeing the movie Hunger Games tomorrow at midnight, and I think she'll be able to go.

By the time it had all passed for her it was mid-afternoon and getting windy.  I didn't want to get beat and demoralized on a ride, so I hit a favorite, but seldom used trail for a run.  The trail markers said I did 6.4 miles, but my Garmin said 6 on the nose.  I'm going with 6.4 in 53:30.

The run made me wonder, which is harder, hills or deep, soft sand?

Either way, I had a great run, just found a groove just beyond easy and stuck it for 6 miles, making the last mile the best at 8:01.

With that said...enjoy your day and happy trails!

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