Thursday, February 2, 2012


Perhaps it was karma.

Perhaps it was gravity.

But, it was certainly a simultaneous confluence of karma and gravity that caused me to slip, injured leg forward, as I was walking down the driveway.  The injury hamstring stretched violently as my leg shot forward from under me and my balance went backwards. 

I didn't fall and I don't think any serious damage was done.  It hurt, still does.  I'm on ice and will play tomorrow morning's run by ear.  I might skip it entirely as my #1 goal for the week is to not further injury the hamstring.

The other day I was reading Sara's blog about injury, carefulness and misfortune.  Her point was well can be careful all you want, but sometimes, things just happen in the weirdest ways.  There's no guarantee of safety, regardless of how little you train.  At the time of reading her thoughts, I agreed fully.  And upon slipping, that's the second thing I thought.  The first was a little blue. 

Aside than that, the food journal is interesting.  I've found a few things I will change, but over all, I'm doing okay without any major changes. 

This is the first week of training and I AM B E A T !!!!  Today there was no morning run, I got to sleep in and I needed it.  This afternoon I hit a 36 mile ride that was supposed to be time in the saddle with five, one mile sprints.  I wanted to do those in the second half of the ride, but the wind was so intense that I had no gas left by that time.  I did them anyway, but it was an uninspiring performance, I felt at the time. 

Then I looked at the data from the Garmin.  Cruising along at 130 BPM, then boom, 175 to 180.  AWESOME  to see the data suggesting that I really was pushing hard.  The speedometer only showed around 21 mph most of that time, which is substantially lower than normal, but after seeing the data, I'm happier with my ride.

Last bit of news...tomorrow is my last weigh-in for a weight loss challenge.  I'm excited to see what it says.

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