Monday, February 20, 2012

Week 3: Of Weather, Work and Racing

Sometimes you're the bug. 

Sometimes you're the windshield.

So the saying goes.

I've been a bit of both the past few days.

This past week I snuck in a short run Monday afternoon.  Tuesday and Thursday I was supposed to take in easy rides, but rain and wind prevented Tuesday's and Thursday I worked until 7 pm.  I missed the other runs of the week due to work and meetings too. 

So for the week, my third week of training, I got in an easy two mile run and the duathlon.  That's it.

To make matters worse, or better, all of the extra hours at work this week were accompanied by loads of homemade goodies like cookies and brownies.  It would be RUDE to not partake, and I'd be ashamed of making such a social blunder. 

So, the I'm the bug because:

  • This morning was the weekly weigh-in.  I wanted to skip it, but reminded myself that I'd be making decisions this week based on ignorance.  I got on and the scale said, "One at a time, please."  It showed +2 pounds and 1% of body fat.  Not really all that bad, all things considered.

  • I tweaked something in my right hip during the duathlon.  It happened when transitioning from the bike to the run, when I sat on the ground to put on my shoes.  I flopped my leg over and ... well, who knows what happened.  I iced it all day yesterday and it felt fine on this morning's easy jog and this afternoon's easy ride (I have the day off).  But, I tweaked it walking around the house!
    • Which brings me to this:  I'd guess that about 80% of the blogs regarding exercise are about injury.  What's up with that?!!?!
  • Since losing a lot of weight, I carry more stress (weird right?).  Right now I'm maxed out, so much that I've got a twitch under my right eye for the past two days.  It's ridiculous.
I'm the windshield because:
  • Yesterday was the first day in MONTHS that I didn't:
    • Work
    • Travel
    • Exercise
  • Found a new orthodontist for my daughter, which is going to cost about $1500 less
  • My oldest daughter may have found a way to get all of her tuition covered
  • This morning, my youngest daughter told me she was going to join track again, which means that I have my #1 running partner back again.  
  • My hamstring feels good, sore, but a good sore.  I think I'll be back on track with that very soon.
For the coming week I have a few goals.

  1. I'm going to use my heart rate monitor while working out on the bike.
  2. Eat smaller meals, larger snacks.
  3. Continue with the food journal.
That said, I'm happy with my progress on the bike in the first three weeks.  I'm faster and stronger and am excited about the progress yet to come. 

Happy Running to All.


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