Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Legs vs. Heart

Well, I've not tried to make up for a bad week of training ... intentionally.  But by sunset Tuesday I'd compiled 63 miles of riding and running and a trip to the gym.  That's a little better.

Upon examining the data collected over the past few weeks by the Garmin, I noticed that my heart rate is much higher when running than riding, even when the perceived level of intensity is the same. 

So I decided to start using the heart rate monitor on rides, to target my ride-specific goal. 

I have to say, that was a terrible idea!  But ultimately one I needed to make.

The ride yesterday was supposed to be 40 miles.  That would include a 5 to 7 mile warm up, some moderate intensity seat time and then six, two mile intervals.  After seeing how low my HR was during warm up and also during the moderate intensity (120 to 125), I decided I'd just keep the HR above 135 for the ride and try a few intervals where I tried to keep it between 145 and 150. 

For comparison, on an easy 8 mile run last week, my average HR was 139, and that was going about a minute per mile than on most runs of that duration (due to injury).

I know I need to develop more strength for riding, and from what I've read it takes a long time.  I've been hitting the gym and so on.  But, just like always, my legs burned out way before my cardiovascular system really felt taxed.  By the time I was done I was dangerously close to cramping up everywhere.

Perhaps part of my leg fatigue was that I am still a touch sore from the duathlon on Saturday and I ran this morning and did some heavy leg presses at the gym.  Still...

But the truth be told, I was thrilled with how hard I pushed myself.  I was also really surprised to see my average speed because of the wind.  Here's the garmin data on the ride, if you're curious.

When I got home my daughters were out taking pictures for a school project and nabbed one of me, totally spent. 

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