Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Why Training is Different Than Exercise

El Tour de Tucson is just about 40 days away.  I've not had a significantly long ride in almost a month due to various issues.  My mileage is still ok and my rides are strong, but I'm concerned that I've not properly trained. 

Three weeks after the 111 mile race is a half marathon.  I've had exactly one run where I pushed pace and or distance since June due to injury.  I had a great 5K race over the weekend, but two days later I find myself very sore.  I need to get tempo, speed work, hills and long runs in, and fast.  

And if there's one thing I've learned in the past year it is this:  Fast doesn't happen.  You can't rush progress because you can't rush rest.  I'll do my best between now and then, eat well, rest, stretch and recover with great focus and devotion.  Each workout will have a stated purpose that will be the focus.

The thing is, I want to reach my goals NOW.  I want to qualify as a platinum cyclist and I want to run the half marathon in 1:45.  Is it going to happen?  Yes.  This time?  Well, that's why it's exciting isn't it?  That's why training for a race is different than just exercising to stay in shape.

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