Sunday, October 16, 2011

This Can Get Pricey

One surprise that's crept up this week is how expensive training can be.  I'm not talking about racing with travel and entry fees, but just training.  I'm not talking about having the latest and greatest gear either. 

This week I found out I need a new cassette and chain for my bike, my tires are about shot and I needed new running shoes.  Two weeks ago I had to buy new riding shorts, gloves and a new shirt.  Since it's getting dark earlier and I have mandatory meetings frequently now, I had to buy some lights for the bike.  While riding I go through quite a bit of electrolyte drink plus gel shots, and I eat so much more than a normal person should now.  Then there is the gym membership to boot.  I'm a high school math teacher with two teenaged daughters and I've been under a pay freeze for 5 years. 

I'm thinking that I'm going to have to sell my guitar stuff to raise some money to support my new addictions!  That'd be sad as I have some world-class equipment. 

Aside from that, as I mentioned earlier this week, each day I've been unsure if I could be ready for the next day's workout.  I have to be careful not to over train, like I did last spring.  So I've been stretching multiple times a day, icing everything, stretching again and getting as much sleep as possible.  I've been reading the Cyclist's Training Bible, and while it's written for cycling, the training intensity, volume, and workload information is applicable directly to running as well. 

Here's how the workout schedule is shaking-out to be:

Monday am, some running workout.

Tuesday am, short recovery jog and a quick 30 minutes at the gym.  Tuesday afternoon a speed session on the bike.

Wednesday am, another running workout.

Thursday am, short recovery jog and a quick 30 minutes at the gym.  Thursday afternoon some tempo work on the bike.

Friday am a long slow run.

Saturday off. 

Sunday, a long slow ride.

The Tuesday/Thursday am sessions can be skipped without consequence.  The only two that cannot be skipped except due to injury are the long run and ride. 

I've got a very busy few weeks ahead of me and I'm curious to see how I'll hold up!

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