Friday, October 21, 2011

Learn a lot again ... glad I brought my phone!

Blisters, cut on my arch, heat and wind ... what a combination!  I decided to move my long run from Friday morning to Thursday afternoon.  Then, on Friday I'd do a bike workout instead of a run.  So, Thursday afternoon I was to run 9 miles.

My new toe shoes have about 20 miles on them or so, including an 8 mile run and some mile repeats.  But, on Wednesday's two mile easy run, I developed a small cut on the side of my left foot, at the fore part of the arch.  I didn't want to use my old shoes on Thursday's run as they're cheapies and not as nice.  So, I threw a band aid on it, forgot to bring an extra, and headed off on my run.  It was windy and 88 degrees.  Since the route was new, I brought my phone and would use that to track my pace and distance.

Right off the bat my legs were DEAD.  But, I remembered reading not to judge a run until the second mile is done.  Mile 1 was on pace, around 9:30, mile two was around 10.  Ugh.  The rest of the miles through were right on track, around 9:30, even the 5th which was uphill and directly into the wind!  Still, at the time, I had just finished a hard day and was battling my own attitude.  I kept thinking, How am I going to run 13 miles faster than this in about six weeks?  Then, as my phone sounded off for the 7th time, quoting my pace and distance, the cut on my left foot screamed.

I stopped, pulled off the shoe and couldn't find the band aid!  What gives?  I felt all around, no luck.  I threw the shoe back on and tried again.  NOT HAPPENING.  Upon a second search I found the pad of the band aid, but the adhesive portions were long gone!  Where?  Maybe with my missing socks at home?

I tried running barefoot and made it a block.  But that created hot spots pretty quickly on my feet and toes (they later turned to blisters).  I called home and had my wife come get me.  I was two miles from my truck and 15 from home.  By the time she showed up I had walked, barefoot, a complete mile.

Guess I should've known better and should've worn my old shoes.  From now on, I'm bringing my phone.  I never bring it on runs.  So glad I brought it Thursday.

In related news, last week I ate four complete loaves of banana bread and two small loaves of apple bread.  I ate a full pot of soup and drank beer.  I ate and ate some more.  For the week I lost 4 pounds anyway!  Right now I'm really not trying to lose weight.

Tuesday I had a crazy bike workout.  I did half mile intervals, knocking them out in 1:20 or less, followed by two minutes of easier pedaling.  I also did a pair of five mile sprints, the first in just under 14 minutes and the second, into the wind, just under 16 minutes.  All told it was a 36 mile ride!  That's why I had dead legs Thursday.

Today my legs were a bit shot too, and I had a busy schedule.  But, I snuck in a tempo ride of about 24 miles of rolling hills in 1:18.  I can really tell that I have much improved power on the bike, even in a fatigued state.

Tomorrow is my first day off in two weeks.  Having three remaining weeks of training certainly provided me a spark today when I otherwise would've dogged the ride.  On 11/19 I'll be participating in El Tour de Tucson, and will be happy to finish under 6 hours.

Sunday will be my first century ride, and it contains about 2000 feet of elevation gain.  I've ridden 90 miles in a day, and it's really not the distance that worries me.  It's the distance AND the climbing.  I'm getting psyched up about the challenge already!

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