Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What an interesting week this has been so far...

Yesterday morning I went on a short and slow 2 mile run with my daughter.  My injured leg behaved as expected, a little sore, but loose and no further aggravation.

Saturday I went on a pretty tough bike ride that really kicked my butt.  Sunday I went clothes shopping.  I have now replaced my entire wardrobe.  I think I'll end up dropping another pant size, down to a 32.  I still need more shirts, but I all in good time.

Yesterday I went to move my classroom.  I've volunteered to teach math in the freshman academy this year.  That means giving up my favorite precalculus class.  Oh well.  I'll still teaching college algebra and calculus for the community college. 

Yesterday was HOT.  My leg was tired from running and I had to lug everything completely across campus.  Once I got everything moved, the maintenance crew just so happened to have my new room scheduled for carpet cleaning.  I had to move everything back out!  And I'm not talking a few notebooks, but desks, a large table, filing cabinets and so on.

My high school is undergoing some major changes and state involvement as part of a $3 million dollar improvement grant.  The thing is, we had to frame data collected from a group of students that represents less than 8% of the total student body to qualify for the grant.  The money is going to help, but all of the other successful programs (the other 92%) are being completely revamped.  There are a lot of new, aggressive people that are well-intentioned but completely misinformed.  To further aggravate the situation, a $3500 bonus I was promised last year is questionable ... well, let's just say I better get my money! 

Not all frustration though.  Yesterday I also found out that my parents, and perhaps youngest sister, are moving to Tucson (about 60 miles from me)!  That's very exciting news.  My dad house-shopped yesterday and drove to my town to spend the night at his mother's home.  My dad has had a renewed interest in running and he, my daughter and I, planned on a short run this morning.

Normally I would have taken my wife's car to our rendezvous point, but she had to leave early for work.  I was stuck with my old 87 Ford F250 diesel.  The truck has been protecting the earth beneath from falling debris for the past few months.  When I got in it the fuel gauge wasn't working on the rear tank.  It was pegged on E.  I know it had a quarter tank it in...no doubt in my mind, even now!  The front tank's gauge never worked, but I was sure it was empty. 

My daughter and I get a mile down the road and the truck dies...out of fuel.  Ugh.  All three runners are on tight schedules this morning, so there goes the run.  I thought it was going to be neat to have three generations doing a jog together.  We'll have to try again later!

To make matters worse, I left my cell phone at home, so I couldn't call my wife.  No problem, we've already got our running gear...we were home after the short jog.

Since the truck hadn't been run in a while, the batteries were a little low.  I put a few gallons of fuel in a tank but didn't have the power to get the stupid beast started.  I jumped it with my wife's car, no luck.  I returned the car, called my uncle to come give me a jump start.

In the end, it took an hour total to get back on the road.  Ridiculous.

I'll spare the details, but there is a lot of upheaval right now.  None of it is bad, just stressful.  Most of it is of the nature that will be forgotten in three years.  But for now, I need to concentrate on being patient and calm and letting things happen as they will.

Just like running with an injury, patience and time are paramount!  Gotta be cool in the face of uncertainty or else I'll make thing worse.  That's my mantra for the month of August.  Wish me luck!

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