Friday, July 8, 2011

What do you say?

My last healthy run was an out and back trail run. It's a popular place for birdwatchers and hikers. I went early but the day was HOT, I believe it broke 110 that afternoon.

On the way out I run past these two older men, one turned out to be German. The German said to his friend, "Why is he running?"

I didn't hear the rest.

On the way back I had stepped in a whole and jammed my left leg. It was hot. I had been running through sand and been beat up pretty good, twisted my ankle, stepped in a whole, been scratched by thorny bushes. I was knackered, as the British say. I was at that point where I was wondering why I was running. Then, I see the two men again.

The German says to his friend, "Oh look, our running friend."

Then the German says to me, "Will we see you again?"

I said, "I certainly hope not."

I guess I looked like I felt because they got it!

On the 4th of July I was riding my bike home from a bike ride. I had to take the shoulder on the freeway for 10 miles. I've done it a dozen times and never seen another cyclist, until then. I was racing myself, trying to get the 20 miles home in under an hour. So, naturally I caught the other rider.

As I approached him I began to wonder what I should say as I passed him. What do you say to someone that you know is not expecting to hear another person? I didn't want to terrify the guy and cause an accident!

He was riding on the far right of the shoulder so I went to the far left as I passed. I slowed to just a bit faster than him and from just behind him I said, "Good morning."

He looked side to side. He turned around and looked at me, then looked back around to the front. Then he whipped his head back around and I could see recognition wash over his face! He said, "Good morning," and was obviously startled.

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